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Special Offers
1996 - Heidelberg SM 74 5PH
Maximum sheet size 520mm x 740 mm Stream Feeder Electronic Sidelays CPC 104 CP Tronic Alcolor Technotrans Chiller Autoplate Automatic Blanket & Roller Wash Grafix Alphatronic 200 Powder Spray Decurler Plate Punch and Bender Berthel Com Con IR Dryer Manuals and Tools
1996 - Mark Andy 2200
Mark Andy 2200 255mm web width Unwind Roll lift and load North American Web Guide Splice table 8 x Flexo print stations 8 x GEW UV dryers Delam-Relam unit Web turn bar Lamination unwind 3 x die slots Waste rewind Mag hoist Video inspection camera Rewind Electronic register adjustm...
Latest additions
Travtec Carton Label Applicator
Applies Labels to Cartons Unwind & Rewind Stations Computer Screen Control Inspection Camera
1994 - Heidelberg CD 102 6 LX
Format 72 x 102 cm Approx. 260 million impressions Speed 13.000 s/h max. Alcolor dampening CPC 1-03 - remote control desk CP Tronic Autoplate (Semi-Automatic Plate Change) Automatic wash devices Preset (automatic paper size settings) Machine is elevated Non-stop device in feeder & delive...
1999 - Heidelberg SM 74 6LX
Soft Touch Buttons ( Drupa 2000 Style) SAPC ( Auto Plate) CPC 1-04 CP Tronic Alcolor Dampening Technotrans Refrigeration Heidelberg IR Dryer Grafix Powder Spray Blanket Washer Device Anti-Static Eltex Coating Pump Tower Coater Extended Delivery Excellent Condition
1999 - Heidelberg SM 52 6P
Cp-Tronic CPC 1-04 Autoplate Alcolor Technotrans Refrigeration Auto ink roller wash, impression cylinder wash & blanket wash via Cp-tronic. Powder Spray Low Pile
2000 - Heidelberg SM 102 5P
Perfecting 5/0 2/3 Stream Feeder Electronic Sidelays Preset Autoplate CP 2000 Alcolor Vario Technotrans Chiller Ink Temperature Control Automatic Washups Blanket Roller Impression Powder Spray Decurler IR Dryer Air Cabinet
2006 - Heidelberg CD 74 5 P H L
C Format Maximum Sheet Size 520 x 740mm Perfecting 2/3 5/0 CP 2000 Axis Control Alcolor Preset Autoplate Automatic Blanket Roller Impression Cylinder Wash Anilox Coater Grafix Powder Spray IR Dryer
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