1994 - Sakurai Trumax SC 112 A
Spot or All Over Screen Unit, UV & IR Dryer Hot Air Knives High Pile Delivery
2004 - Heidelberg SM 102 10P
• Nonstop Pre-Set Plus Feeder & Delivery • CutStar Plus 65 (with all upgrades) • Autoplate • Alcolor with Vario • CP2000 / Axis Control • Dampening Solution Circulation and Cooling Combination Unit • Auto Register • Program-Controlled Ash-Up Device • Technotrans • Remote Distribu...
2012 - Heidelberg XL 106 8P
Eight Colour Convertible 8/0 or 4/4 Perfecting Offset Press Max Sheet Size 740 x 1060 mm Cutstar Reel to Sheet feeder Prinect Print Center Wallscreen Inpress control Autoplate XL Preset Plus feeder Preset Plus Delivery Ink Temperature Control Water Cooled Cabinets Auto Ink roller wash Au...
1996 - Heidelberg SM 102 8P
Circa 218 mill impressions Perfecting 4/4 8/0 CP Tronic, CPC 1.04 , Semi Autoplate, Grafix Powder Spray, Technotrans Refrigeration, Alcolor Dampening, Preset,
1999 - Komori L 840 P
Eight colour offset press, Max sheet size: 720 x 1020mm, Convertible 8/0 or 4/4 perfecting, Komori Streamfeeder, Auto plate blanket and imp cyl washers, Preset, SAPC, PQC KMS Komorimatic Dampening, Technotrans Refrigerated Recirculation, Steel Plate in Delivery
2002 - Heidelberg CD 74 6 LX F
Coater, 585 x 740 mm, 15.000 sh/h, Elevated, CP2000 Console, Airstar Central air cabinet, Approx. 153 mi impressions. Feeder: Non-Stop, side lay, double sheet detector, stream control, antistatic. Print Units: Autoplate, Automatic Blanket, Roller & impression cyl Washers, all chrome...
2002 - Heidelberg SM 74 6PH
Maximum sheet size: 520 x 740mm CP2000 124 million impressions Perfecting 3+3 / 6+0 Alcolor dampening Technotrans refrigeration Autoplate Auto washers Grafix Exatronic 3000 powder spray device Steel plates in feeder & delivery
1997 - Heidelberg SM 74 6PH
Max Speed: 15,000 iph Max Sheet Size: 530 x 740 mm Perfecting: 6/0 2/4 Autoplate CPC 1-04 Off Press Controls Lateral, Circumventual, Diagonal Register Control Alcolor Continuous dampening Preset Feeder Steel Plate in Feeder Suction Feedboard Non - Stop Feeder Electronic Sidelay Detection...
2012 - KBA -Rapida 75 6
Straight Machine Ergotronic Control Console Techkon SpectroDrive Colour Bar Scanner High Pile Feeder Steel Plate In Feeder Autoplate Alcocontrol Technotrans Alpha Recirculation Grafix Digital 3000 Powder Spray Auto Ink Roller Wash Auto Blanket Wash Interface CIP3 System Steel Plate In...
2006 - Komori L 640 LX UV
APC - Autoplate KMS - Komori Management System PQC: control for ink + register Cocking register PDC-S II, Densitometer AMR automatic size and print adjustment Automatic Blanket, Roller & Impression Cylinder Wash Weko Powder Spray elevated: 300 mm Dryer: Interdeck slots for UV : all units ...
1990 - Roland 606
Six colour offset press Maximum sheet Size: 530 x 740 mm Steel plate in delivery RCI remote inking Rolandmatic dampening Technotrans Refrigerated recirculation Air drums Weko Ionomat powder spray unit Steel plate in feeder
1997 - Heidelberg SM 102 5P
Maximum Sheet Size: 720 x 1020 mm 178 million impressions CPtronic CPC 104 Alcolor with technotrans Autoplate Steel plate in feeder and delivery Weko spray
2011 - Heidelberg XL 75 5 LX C
Autoplate XL Prinect Inpress Control Speed 18.000 sheets/hour Prinect Press Center with Wallscreen Preset Plus stream feeder with ramp Double sheet detector pulling device Ultrasonic double sheet detector Stream control Pile height sensor Dampening unit with Vario Inking unit temperature ...
2012 - Heidelberg SX 74 5 H
Maximum sheet size: 53 x 74 cm Prinect Press Center Easy Control (Colour scanning device) Alcolor Vario dampening Technotrans refrigeration Autoplate Auto roller / blanket / impression cylinder washers Weko powder spray device Maximum speed: 15,000 sph Steel plates in feeder & delivery Th...
2003 - Heidelberg SM 74 5 PH
CP 2000 Alcolor Preset Auto Blanket Roller Wash Steel Plate Feeder Technotrans Beta d Recirculation Grafix Powder Spray Autoplate Preset Steel Plate Delivery
2001 - Heidelberg SM 52 5
DDS Dampening Laser cut ink Ducts Powder Spray Quick Plate Clamps Availability: immediate
1996 - Heidelberg SM 52 5P
Max. Size: 360 x 520 mm 68 Million Impressions Perfecting 2/3 5/0 Stream feeder Electronic Sidelays CPC 104 CP Tronic Alcolor Dampening Semi Automatic Plate Change Automatic Blanket and Roller Wash MEG Cooling and Recirculation Powder Spray Feeder and Delivery trolleys.
2013 - Komori LS 529 LX
Autoplate Presets PQC Komorimatic Automatic Washup's Tower Coater Extended Delivery H UV Drying
2009 - Komori Spica 529
PQC ink- and Register Remote Control Extern PDC-S II Print Density Control KOMORI Matic Dampening TECHNOTRANS ALPHA.d Refrigeration Unit S-APC Semi Automatic Plate Changer Plate Cocking Auto Blanket/Cylinder/Roller Wash. Automatic Blanket- and Roller washing device G...
2001 - Ryobi 525 HXX + Coater
PCS-H off press control centre Overhead lamp PDS-E print density control Ryobimatic dampening Technotrans Alpha recirculatio RPC semi automatic plate change Automatic blanket and ink roller wash, Tower coating unit with extended delivery IR dryer Tools and accessories Operation manual, ...