2001 - Bobst SP 104 ER Automatic Die Cutter Price on request

Machines Details


63,000 hours
Non Stop Feeder
Steel plate
Double Sheet Sensor
Left hand pull lay
Right hand pull lay
Micrometric adjustment
2 chases
1mm cutting plate
Double Action Stripper
Blanking Station
Quick lock stripping frame
Grip Edge Removal System
2 Cube Computer system – one in Feeder, one on Platen Section
Raised 30 cm
Complete with manuals and tools

Similar Machines

1998 - Bobst SP 104 E
Stripping station, centerline, non-stop automatic feeder, non-stop-manual delivery, pull site lay mark o.s, push site lay mark o.o.s electric double sheet control, machine hours: ca. 38.000, Bobst Cube-control, micrometer adjustment, 41 cm elevated, 2 stripping frames standard, 1 stripping ...
1968 - Bobst SP 1080E
Maximum Sheet Size: 780 x 1080mm Minimum sheet Size: 295 x 350mm Speed 4,500 SPH Cutting Pressure 220 Tons Feeder Board Left Hand Pull Lay Right Hand Push Lay 6 Front Lays 2 active 2 Chases 3 plates Electronic Clutch & Brake Double Action Stripper Quantity of Bars and Pins Steel Plate ...
1990 - Iberica AR 80 Automatic Corrugated Die Cutter
Maximum Sheet Size: 900 x 1400 mm Minimum Sheet Size: 500 x 600 mm Equipped to Handle E B C Flute Stock High Pile Feeder Automatic Sheet Feed Right & Left hand Side Lays 2 Active Front Lays Die Cutting Station 1 Chase 1 Plate Stripping Station Grip Edge Removal Conveyor Non Stop Delivery...
1971 - Johannisburg 104S
Maximum Sheet Size : 720 x 1040 mm Minimum Sheet Size 297 x 420mm Maximum speed 3,500 SPH Height of Feeder Pile: 500mm Height of Delivery Pile 690mm Minimum Grip Distance 10mm Sheet Thickness 54 – 400 g/m2 Automatic Sheet Feeder Double Sheet Detection Mechanical Side and Head Lays Op...
2004 - Bobst SP 102 E Evoline
7500 sheets per hour Maximum Sheet Size 720 x 1020mm Only 26000 hours Stripping pre-set table Non Stop feeder Left Hand Pull Lay Front Register Lays Cube Computer Control System 1mm plate system Micrometric Adjustment Chase & Plate Double Action Stripper 2 Sets of stripping frames. N...
1992 - Bobst SP 102 E
Hours: 29,000 Max. Size 720×1020 cm Min. Size 350mm x 400mm Cutting Pressure 250 TONS Min. Gripper Margin 8 - 14mm Thickness of Cardboard E flute, B flute, Max. 4mm thickness Max. Speed 7,500 SPH Pre Loading Gates Non Stop Feeder Left Hand Pull Lay Die Cutting S...
1996 - Bobst SP102 SE Automatic Die Cutter
Left Hand Pull Side Lay Front Register Lays Die Cutting Station 1 Chase 1 Plate 1mm Thin Plate Cutting system Center line Micrometric Adjustment Stripping Station with Frames Non Stop Delivery Manuals & Tools Highly Maintained
1980 - Heidelberg SBDS
Size : 640mm x 900mm. Fully Compliant with EC Standards. Delivery tray modified to Flat Plate for speedy change over with wooden pallets.
1977 - Crosland APD Automatic Die Cutter
Stream Feeder Left Hand Side Lay Front Register Lays Die Cutting Station Stripper
0 - Bobst SP 900 Automatic Die Cutter
Maximum sheet size: 630 x 900 mm, Minimum sheet size: 295 x 350 mm, Maximum speed: 5,000 s.p.h., Maximum cutting pressure: 180 ton, Pre Load Gates Stream Feeder Left Side Register Lay Right Side Register Lay 2 Sheet detector. Front register lays 10 Chases 10 Plates Deep Pile Delivery...
2009 - Iberica JR 105 F Speed Automatic Die Cutter
15,543 hours Raised 30cm Max sheet size 750 x 1050 mm Min sheet size 356 x 400 mm Non Stop Feeder with Steel Plate Left hand pull lay Front Register Lays Touch Screen Computer 1 mm cutting plate system Center line Quick lock stripping frames Chase and Plates Non Stop Delivery with Ste...
1999 - Iberica JR 105 F
Stripping device 2 Cutting chases 1 Cutting plate
1961 - Bobst SP 1260 E
Maximum sheet size: 920 x 1260 mm, Minimum sheet size: 350 x 500 mm, Maximum speed: 5,000 s.p.h., Maximum cutting pressure: 500 ton, Pre Load Gates Stream Feeder Left Side Register Lay 2 Sheet detector. Front register lays 5 Chases 5 Plates Deep Pile Delivery with steel pallet tray ...
1997 - Bobst SP 76 BM Foilmaster
Size: 56 x 76 cm (560mm x 760mm) With Hot Foil Stamping, Cutting & Creasing (No Cutting Chase), 1 x Honeycomb Chase, Centerline System for Quick Job Change overs, Bobst Electronic Machine Operating System CUBE, Pull Side Lay, Double Sheet Detector, 12 Independent Heating Zones, Foi...
0 - Heidelberg SBG
Converted for Cutting & Creasing Heidelberg Suction Feeder Swing Transfer Grippers System Large Type Bed with easily access to Form Gear Rack for Synchronising Movement of Bed Chain Delivery Sheet Size Max : 560 x 770mm Gripper Margin : 8 to 10mm