1990 - Iberica AR 80 Automatic Corrugated Die Cutter Price on request

Machines Details


Maximum Sheet Size: 900 x 1400 mm
Minimum Sheet Size: 500 x 600 mm
Equipped to Handle E B C Flute Stock
High Pile Feeder
Automatic Sheet Feed
Right & Left hand Side Lays
2 Active Front Lays
Die Cutting Station
1 Chase 1 Plate
Stripping Station
Grip Edge Removal Conveyor
Non Stop Delivery
Manuals & Tools

Similar Machines

2002 - Bobst BOBST SP 104 E Automatic Die Cutter
Maximum Sheet Size 720 x 1040mm Non Stop feeder Front Register Lays Left Hand Pull Lay Right Hand Push Lay Micrometric Register Cube Computer System 1mm Cutting System Center Line 2 Quick Lock Chases 3 Cutting Plates 1 Upper & 1 Lower Stripping Frame ( Standard) 1 Upper & 1 Lower Stripp...
1999 - Sanwa 1060 SE Automatic Die Cutter
300 Ton Cutting Pressure Steel Plate Feeder Non stop feeder 2 Electronic Side lays Push & Pull Electronic Front Lays 2 chases 2 Cutting Plates Computer Display screen Double Action Stripper Non Stop Delivery Manuals & Tools Cleaned & Checked
1971 - Johannisburg 104S Automatic Die Cutter
FULLY REBUILT 3 YEARS AGO Maximum Sheet Size : 720 x 1040 mm Minimum Sheet Size 297 x 420mm Maximum speed 3,500 SPH Height of Feeder Pile: 500mm Height of Delivery Pile 690mm Minimum Grip Distance 10mm Sheet Thickness 54 – 400 g/m2 Automatic Sheet Feeder Double Sheet Detection Mechan...
2003 - Bobst SP 102 E Evoline
Swiss Built Left Hand Sidelay 2 Chases Double Action stripper Stripping Frames Low Hour Count
0 - Crosland TXE Hand Fed Platen
Dwell Timer Maximum Sheet Size 1080 x 815mm Safety Guarding
1996 - Yu Yin DC 920
Maximum Sheet: 720 x 920mm Minimum Sheet: 360 x 350mm Maximum Thickness of Stock: 1.5 mm Minimum Thickness of Stock: 0.1 mm Corrugated Paper 4 mm Maximum Speed: 5,500 200 Ton Maximum Impression Strength Left Right Sidelays 4 Front Front Lays 3 Chases & Plates 3 Zone Heated Bed ( Used for ...
0 - Heidelberg SBD
Fully Rebuilt 3 Years Ago Brand New Feeder Pump Converted for Cutting & Creasing Heidelberg Suction Feeder Swing Transfer Grippers System Large Type Bed with easily access to Form Gear Rack for Synchronising Movement of Bed Chain Delivery Sheet Size Max : Size : 640mm x 900mm Gripper Marg...
0 - Bobst SP 900 Automatic Die Cutter
Maximum sheet size: 630 x 900 mm, Minimum sheet size: 295 x 350 mm, Maximum speed: 5,000 s.p.h., Maximum cutting pressure: 180 ton, Pre Load Gates Stream Feeder Left Side Register Lay Right Side Register Lay 2 Sheet detector. Front register lays 10 Chases 10 Plates Deep Pile Delivery...
2006 - Bobst Commercial 106
Non stop feeder with Steel Plate Left and Right hand Pull lays Double Sheet Detector 4 Front Lays Double Action stripper Cube Touch Screen Computer Chase Changer 1mm Cutting Plate Centre Line Quick Lock stripping Frame 1 Spare Chase 1 Embosing Chase Non Stop Delivery Steel Plate Delive...
1961 - Bobst SP 1260 E
Maximum sheet size: 920 x 1260 mm, Minimum sheet size: 350 x 500 mm, Maximum speed: 5,000 s.p.h., Maximum cutting pressure: 500 ton, Pre Load Gates Stream Feeder Left Side Register Lay 2 Sheet detector. Front register lays 5 Chases 5 Plates Deep Pile Delivery with steel pallet tray ...
2003 - Bobst Bobst Sprintera 106 PER
High Speed Automatic Die Cutter with Blanking Speed 9,000 p/h Maximum Sheet Size 76 x 106 cm Equipped with: Platform with safety barrier C.U.B.E. Bobst-Electronic machine operating system JOB CARD system for saving the data for repetitive jobs on microchip Machine configured for BOBST VIEW...
1991 - Bobst Bobst SP 102 E
Maximum Sheet Size: 102 x 72 cm Minimum sheet Size: 40 x 35 cm Maximum Cutting Pressure: 250 tons Maximum Speed: 7,500 SPH Hours: 45,000 Non-stop Feeder Left Hand Side Lay 4 Front Lays 1mm Cutting Plate Quick Lock Chase 2 Plates Center line 4 Stripping frames Non Stop Delivery Re...
1991 - Sanwa 1300 SS Automatic Die Cutter
Maximum sheet size: 1300 x 950mm Minimum sheet size: 550 x 450mm Maximum speed: 6,000 SPH Maximum Cutting Pressure: 350 Ton Non Stop feeder with Steel Plate Stream feeder Left & Right Sidelays 6 Front Lays Computer Display 1mm Cutting System 6 Chases & Plates Center Line Quick Lock Stri...