2007 - Mitsubishi D3000 TP 12 Price on request

Machines Details


Reel feed / sheet fed facility – Cut Star Model Mabeg RS 1500
Mitsubishi IPC (Integral Print Control) – with plate cocking
MCCS – Colour measuring
Mitsubishi Alcohol Dampening
Multimode facility for differing ink coverages
Baldwin Combiliner refrig/recirc with ink temp control
Elettra Fast Wash – Auto Wash of Ink/Blanket/Impression cylinders via IPC
Technotrans barrel fed ink supply to all ducts
Grafix Megatronic 3000 powder spray
Boge S12 compressor
Non stop delivery
Steel plate in feed and delivery
Billows plate bender

Similar Machines

2002 - Mitsubishi 3 F 5
Year 1998 ( First Installed 2002) Maximum Sheet size 720 x 1020 mm, Alcohol dampening, API Remote Ink Key Control Console with Cocking , Autoplate, Presets, IVT IR Dryer, Grafix Digitronic Powder spray, Ink temp control, Automatic Roller and Blanket wash
1998 - Mitsubishi 3 F 5
Maximum Sheet size 720 x 1020 mm, Alcohol dampening system, API remote ink key control console with preset and cooking , Quick action plate clamps , IVT IR Dryer, Grafix Digitronic Powder spray, Ink temp control, Automatic Roller and Blanket wash,
1988 - Planeta P44-7
Super Variant Varicontrol Console Varidamp Baldwin IR Dryer Powder spray Excellent condition In daily production
2012 - KBA -Rapida 75 6
Straight Machine Ergotronic Control Console Techkon SpectroDrive Colour Bar Scanner High Pile Feeder Steel Plate In Feeder Autoplate Alcocontrol Technotrans Alpha Recirculation Grafix Digital 3000 Powder Spray Auto Ink Roller Wash Auto Blanket Wash Interface CIP3 System Steel Plate In...
2014 - Heidelberg SM XL 106 5 LX
sheet size 75 x 106 cm, Prinect Press Center, Inpress Control, Wallscreen, Ink Star, Clean Star, Air Star, Preset Plus feeder/delivery, Dry Star, Coating Star, Powder Star, Static Star
2003 - Roland 706 3B
RCI, CCI, Colorpilot, Rolandmatic, Technotrans recirculation refrigeration PPL plate loading All auto washers Airglide Delivery
2007 - Roland 705 Hi Print
ColorPilot Straight Machine PPL auto Plate Rolandmatic Dampening Auto Blanket & Ink roller wash Technotrans Beta. Cooling Ink Temperature Control Airglide Powder spray unit
2002 - Roland 705 3B P
Perfector 5/0 or 2/3 221 million impressions, Autoplate, RCI Ink- and Register remote control, Rolandmatic, Automatic Blanket & Roller Washers, Preset, Autoplate, Chromed impression cylinders, Automatic Size and Pressure Settings, IR Dryer,
1994 - Roland 705 LV
Completely refurbished in 2018 Maximum Sheet Size: 74 x 104 cm RCI Rolandmatic Technotrans Chiller PPL Automatic Washup’s Powder Spray Coater IR Dryer
2006 - Manroland 704 PLV
Sheet Size: 72cm x 104cm Impression Count: c. 180 Million Impressions Pecom, RCI 2 Console, Rolandmatic Dampening, Alcohol Refrigeration, PPL Plate Loading, Automatic Ink Roller & Blanket Wash, Convertible Perfector 4:0 / 2:2, Coating Unit, IR Dryer, Airglide Delivery, Powder ...
2006 - Heidelberg SM 102 10 P
Perfecting 5/5 10/0 CP2000, Image Control, Preset PLUS Feeder, Preset PLUS Delivery, 259 million impressions, Auto register, Alcolor Vario dampening, Technotrans refrigeration, Ink temperature control, Inkline x 10 units, Grafix PowderStar DuoPlus XL Can, Intercom, Maximum ...
1998 - Heidelberg SM 102 10P
Ten colour offset press Maximum sheet size 720 x 1020mm Steel plate in feeder Alcolor dampening CPC 104 remote inking CP Tronic Grafix Exactronic plus powder spray Steel plate in delivery Temperature controlled rollers Technotrans Refrigeration / beta.c / beta ps Central air panel (cooled...
2006 - Heidelberg SM 102 8 P 5
CP 2000 Alcolor + Vario Auto plate With ink thermostat Preset Plus Feeder Preset plus delivery (with board remover) Clean star Exatronic Duo Plus Powder Spray A-Easter Pro
1997 - Heidelberg SM 102 8P
Perfecting: 4/4 8/0 Circa 125 Million Impressions Stream Feeder Electronic Sidelays CP Tronic CPC 1-04 Alcolor Technotrans Refrigeration Autoplate Preset Automatic Blanket Roller & Impression Cylinder wash Grafix Powder Spray
1995 - Heidelberg SM 102 AP
Circa 235 mill impressions CPC 1.03, CP Tronic, Semi Auto Plate Clamps, Grafix Powder Spray, Technotrans Refrigeration, Alcolor Dampening,
1998 - Komori Lithrone L 640 LTX
15.000 sph Stock thickness: 0,03 - 0,8 mm Skeletal Transfer Cylinders PQC Ink- and Register remote control KOMORI Matic Alcohol dampening Refrigeration Unit S-APC semi automatic plate changer Plate cylinder Cocking Automatic paper size and pressure settings Ink Roller Temperature Contro...
1996 - Heidelberg SM 102 6P
Perfecting 2/4 6/0 CPC 1-04 CP Tronic Autoplate Auto roller & blanket wash Alcolor dampening Technotrans refrigeration Infra-red dryer Comcon 110 Weko powder spray device Non-stop delivery Central air supply Without cylinder damage
1994 - Heidelberg CD 102 6 LX
Six colour with coater and extended delivery. Autoplate, Alcolor, CPC 1.03 Preset feeder Recirculation and Ink Temp Control chilling system, Anilox Tower Coater Powder spray IR Dryer Continuous Feeder and Delivery Only 198 mill impression
1994 - Komori Lithrone L 640 LX
Maximum Sheet Size: 720 x 1020mm Non Stop Feeder, PQC, KMS, Presets Komorimatic, Technotrans Chiller, FAPC Automatic Plate Change ( Fully Working Highly Maintained), Automatic Blanket Roller & Impression wash, Chrome cylinders, Powder Spray, Tower Coater, IVT IR Dryer, De-...
2004 - KBA Rapida 105 5 L
Max size: 740 x 1050 Max speed 18,000 sh/h Press raised 750 mm Harris & Bruno coater with chamber doctor blades IR / Hot-air dryer ACS Cleaning system Vaccuum feeder ALV2 Extended delivery Weko AP262 Ionomat powder spray Combined IR-UV dryer hot air for extended Delivery Delta Drive...