1989 - Heidelberg MOZPS
Impressions: 60 Million Maximum Sheet size: 480 x 650 mm Stream feeder Mechanical double sheet Electronic front lays and impression control Manual ink ducts Quick Action plate clamps Weko powder spray Suction slow down Conventional Damping Numbering and perforating gearing
2001 - Heidelberg PM 52 2
Stream Feeder Alcolor Technotrans Chiller Laser Ink Ducts Powder Spray Numbering & Perforating Low Pile delivery
1996 - Heidelberg GTO 52 2
DDS Dampening Weko Powder Spray Quick Plate Clamps Geared for Numbering
1990 - Roland 202 TOB
Stream Feeder Electronic Sidelay Chrome Impression Cylinder Quick Plate Clamps Rolandmatic Chiller Unit Weko T6 Powder Spray 4 Delivery Gripper Bars
1995 - Sakurai Oliver 258 EP II
12,000 SPH Maximum Sheet Size: 450 x 580 cm 2 Feeder Boards Olivermatic Continuous Dampening system operates with a simple touch button control, complete Refrigeration and circulation unit SPC Sakurai Plate Changing System Sakurai`s own design tail edge suction system Stable sheet transfer ...