2006 - Müller Martini Acoro A5 Plus PUR Price on request

Machines Details


Less than 20,000 hours worked, excellent condition!
18 x 1571/21" top loading feeders with hand feed station & sequential stop/start
M.M. ASAC calliper control & ASIR 3 camera recognition with;
3614 reject station with belt delivery
Jogging unit 3643 and spiral raceway element 3641
M.M. Automatic motorised make-ready with “Commander” control system
Programmable with data retrieval. menu-guided set-up and on-the-run adjustment
Electronic quick make-ready table
Book transfer section with main drive motor
M.M. 3026-20 ‘Acoro A5’ binder with 20 x 21” Combi-clamps
Spine preparation units with cutting, milling/brushing & notching/brushing
Interchangeable gluing system comprising;
M.M./Robatech MOD-30 PUR pre-melt tank
PUR open roller spine glue tank on mobile base with warming cabinet
EVA hot-melt pre-melt tanks, ICS-80 & ICS-30 litre capacity, floor standing
EVA hot-melt spine gluing tank on universal base
EVA hot-melt side gluing tank on universal base
Pile/rotary cover feeder with in-line scoring and ANSI aqua nozzle scoring for sharper crease
2 x nipping & pressing stations
Lay-down delivery unit to;
Flat conveyor system (details on request) to;
M.M. 3671 ‘Merit’ automatic pile trimmer to;
’99 M.M. 1534 ‘Uno’ book stacker
Including vacuum compressors, spares & manuals.
(Compressed air system & dust extraction system NOT included).

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