1997 - TMZ 145 Automatic Die Cutter Price on request

Machines Details


Corrugated & Solid Board Die Cutter
Maximum Speed 4,000 SPH
Knife Height 23.8mm
Maximum Sheet Size up to 145mm
Weight 21 Tons
Maximum Cutting Pressure 300 Tons

Stream Suction feeder
1 Chase
Quick Lock Stripping frames
Grip Edge Removal
High Pile Delivery
Spare Compensation Plates

Similar Machines

2007 - Bobst Spanthera 106 E Automatic Die Cutter
Maximum Speed 9000 SPH Maximum Sheet Size 1060 x 760mm Minimum Sheet Size 400 x 350mm Paper, min. 70 g/m2 (0,004”) Board, up to 1000 g/m2 (0,030”) Corrugated board, up to 2 mm Non Stop Feeder Left Hand Side Lay 1mm Cutting System Micrometric Register Quick Lock Stripper